School in the City

Today was my first day of my last semester in college. Yikes. I woke up far too early, as I always do when I’m afraid I’m going to be late, put on the outfit I picked out the night before (because I’m a nerd) and made my way out into the unseasonably warm and muggy January day. Image

I live about five blocks away from my CTA stop and always enjoy the walk while listening to music and thinking about the day ahead. I finally procured my student UPASS allowing me to ride the rails without spending my own cash.



I prefer trains to busses as you don’t have to deal with any rude conductor or worry about traffic. My first class is at 8:00 am; the first since my freshman year. But I’ve been waking fairly early in preparation. The usual morning crush was anxiously waiting to board the train but I was lucky enough to score an open seat (sorry old ladies, cripples, etc.)



I made it to my stop with just enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good place in the classroom.



I’ve always loved going to school in the city. There’s something about being a part of the rush and the madness every day that makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger. People can go on and on all they want about my “art school” not being legitimate but I’d like to see them pull off a 4.0 with 18 credit hours of business and finance classes. Suck it losers. 


I also had my graduation advisement meeting today and am proud to say I will be offically a graduate come May 18th. YES!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day, as for me I will be spending the remainder of my class break in my favorite place on campus; the library. 


Yeah I’m a nerd. So what?



(and yes I know I have my phone here, but it is purely for photographic reasons 😉


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