The Cold Coast

Regardless of my abysmal financial situation, I have been blessed with the most amazing grandparents who are letting me stay in a wonderful condo on the Gold Coast of Chicago whilst they spend their days in the suburbs of Indiana. After a strange week of weather we are back to normal…below freezing. So after waking I bundled up, grabbed all my school stuff, and headed out into the arctic.


Not a bad view, eh? My window faces the lake so I wake up with the sun every morning. This neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous and rich with history and beautiful architechture. Image


As for me, my day will be spent in an equally beautiful (at least to me) place….


I am taking an online Psychology course which is turning out to be particularly daunting so the caffiene and the free wifi is keeping me on track. That and my favorite study music; Explosions in the Sky….

I feel very accomplished having made it through this monster of a week, but one thing is for certain, I will be one busy bunny from now until graduation!


Back to work I go…Signing off, Grace is Cold 😉



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