Preparation is Key


Have a hard time getting started in the morning? I know I do. So a long time ago I perfected a routine to help cut my morning rituals in half.

I always shower and do my hair the night before I have to get up. This saves me at least an hour as I have a seemingly untamable mane. Next I mix up a carrier cup of iced coffee (Starbucks via iced coffee has changed my life) and put it in the fridge next to an apple/banana/whatever I’m planning on eating for breakfast.


Then I pack my bag with whatever I’ll be needing for school the next day; sometimes, like tomorrow, I pack an extra bag for the gym so I can fit in a work out between classes.
Finally, I check the weather for the next day and pick my out my outfit accordingly.

Tomorrow’s wardrobe consists of a striped crop top (topshop), a pleather high-waisted pencil skirt (forever21) L’eggs sweater tights in black, and my favorite pair or studded black boots from Zara.

These steps have taken years of perfecting but on a good day, even in zombie mode, I can make it out the door in 30 minutes or less!

Hope you all had a great Monday 🙂

Grace is Gold


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