Spring Cleaning: Room Redo

So I have been beyond busy the past couple weeks; spring break ended, finals began, I turned 23, and our city experienced one of the worst floods in history! Amongst all this craziness, my bedroom at my parents’ suburban house (my hideout when I need to study, finish projects, or just escape the city for the weekend) had fallen into a state of catastrophe…



Double Yikes

Double Yikes

I don’t know about you, but when my room is a mess, my life is a mess. So I spent my Saturday afternoon getting my things in order for some hardcore spring cleaning. I have a very hectic few weeks coming up with finals and graduation so I will be spending a lot of time in the suburbs (free food/wifi/parental guidance) to eliminate the many distractions of the city. It took the whole afternoon/evening but I am pleased with how things turned out!

Much better

Much better

I did some rearranging to create more space for projects and yoga (when I don’t feel like making the trip to the gym.) A few years ago I ripped up the carpet and painted the floor as I am notorious for making a mess while working (and I’m kind of a slob) , so I mopped, dusted, and sanitized every surface I could find while moving my furniture around to reach the disgusting spots that haven’t seen the sun in months. After getting everything in place I started organizing my space for maximum productivity and minimum distraction.


Nothing better than clean sheets and a made bed.


My made-over bedside table with only the essentials.


A well-lit room gives me more energy to get work done.

My favorite piece.

My favorite piece.

Side note: The pink sectional above is one of my absolute favorite possessions. I found it (literally) on the side of the road outside of one of the larger houses in my neighborhood. I called my brother and together we carried it several blocks to my house. Its a 1970’s style sectional piece (probably from a set) and it is upholstered in a thick pink material adorned with buttons and gems. Wherever I end up in life, this chair will be coming with me.


My books are my babies…

I already feel so much better. There’s something about living in a clean and organized space that motivates me, boosts my productivity, and even helps me sleep better. I highly suggest taking a look at your living space; eliminate clutter and dust those shelves and I promise you’ll feel better about difficult tasks coming up in life. Now, after all this cleaning and rearranging, I’m kicking my feet up and watching some much deserved (and totally mindless) TV.

Time to kick back.

Time to kick back.

Gabby is exhausted too :)

Gabby is exhausted too 🙂

Signing off,

Grace is Gold



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