The Love Club

Despite the stress most recent college graduates encounter, I’ve been trying to make the most of my last real summer. Being back in the suburbs makes it difficult to see my friends in the city but my old neighborhood pals have been around to keep things light and fun. Here’s what I’ve been up to..

Bought a baby pool...

Bought a baby pool…

hanging out in said baby pool...

hanging out in said baby pool…

But don’t get me wrong here…I have done some major work in terms of creating a productive atmosphere and a positive workspace. I mean, check this closet out…

OCD, anyone?

OCD, anyone?

And I’ve enjoyed some great company while spending days spamming my resume out to every firm in the country…

Gingko the ginger cat.

Gingko the ginger cat.

And a new Betsy Johnson to take on proper interviews πŸ˜‰ Pardon the fuzzy photo.



Well that about gets things up to speed! This summer I’ve really been focusing on myself’; learning how to relax, eating well, exercising, and nurturing a sense of well-being that I can carry into my adult life. Any suggestions are welcome πŸ™‚ I’ll leave you with a song by my new obsession, Lorde- a 16 year old from New Zealand . Yeah, SIXTEEN.

Be good and gold,



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