Long Time No See!


It has been quite some time since my last post and quite a lot has changed in the past few months! I moved from the burbs closer to the city, got an awesome “big girl” full-time job, and am genuinely excited about most things! Oh man, and the music that has come out since I last posted…

Most notably, the new Arctic Monkeys album, “AM”, The long-awaited Franz Ferdinand album, “Right Thought, Right Plan, Right Action”, and my new life soundtrack, Lorde’s first full-length, “Pure Heroine”. Considering her EP was the sound of my summer, I’m not surprised, nor am I disappointed with what she’s put out.

I have these three albums on repeat most of the day, along with Bruno Mars’ “Unorthodox Jukebox.” …I literally cannot get enough of this tiny Hawaiian.


The past few months I’ve been a lot busier, a lot more fulfilled, and a lot happier in general. And maybe a little more tattooed… 😉


I only hope things stay on pace, time has been flying by that I’ve hardly had time to process everything that is happening. A vacation would be nice, but at this point I would be happy just working and staying busy! I hope all has been well in the world of the blog readers, I will keep this baby updated on the regular now that I’ve finally settled into a bit of a routine.

Stay Gold,



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