So this morning I peered over at the alarm clock I keep across the room (so I actually have to get up to turn it off) and I could have sworn it read 5:45 and I thought, “yes! I’m up 15 minutes early, time to make coffee!”

I was wrong. With my sleep-filled eyes I misread the 5 for a 2 and am now wide awake in the middle of the night. Lovely. But since I am awake I figured I’d utilize the free time to sneak in a post!

I’m giddy about all things Halloween. When October comes around, I have Misfits on repeat in my headphones…and my brain.


This weekend should be full of awesome Halloween happenings. I’m heading to the first costume party of the season on Saturday dressed as Punk Rock Tattoo Barbie (photos soon). I’ve never purchased so many pink items at one time…thanks Little Girl’s section of Target.


Sunday I have a date with some pumpkins, a Stephen King remake, and a cute boy 🙂


How cute is he?

I have the privilege of witnessing L’s first pumpkin carving experience (I know, I know, he’s late to the party). I’m also excited to see his reaction when he try’s some of my famous baked pumpkin seeds 🙂 Hopefully he doesn’t react like this…


After pumpkins we are headed to see the new Carrie remake. Though I am always skeptical, especially of Stephen King movies (let alone Stephen King movie remakes) Carrie seems promising. I never read film reviews but, Chloë Grace Moretz has proven her worth as an excellent horror actress in films such as “Let Me In”, the American remake of Sweden’s “Let the Right One In” and as a little kid in yet another remake “The Amityville Horror.” Here’s hoping Carrie locks Morëtz in as one of the few “serious” horror actresses.


I’m very excited for what feels like the first real weekend in fall! Now I just need to make it through the rest of the work week…oh and to try and fall back asleep. Follow up post with the Carrie movie review and photos of my costume to come!

Oh by the way, I cut my hair off!

Signing off,


grace is gold


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