American Girl: Full Circle

When I was younger I was a performer for the American Girl Theater at the original American Girl Place in Chicago.

american_girl_musicalI sang and danced for AG from the time I auditioned when I was 8 years old, until I could no longer pass for a ten-year-old at 13. The opportunities I was presented with throughout my run as an American Girl were indescribable; I got to sing the National Anthem at a Cubs game, perform at the White House for the Annual Easter Egg Roll, and best of all, bring the empowering and historical messages of the dolls to life.

Singing at the Cubs Game

Singing at the Cubs Game

Well now, 10 years after my final performance, I have found myself thrown back into American Girl nostalgia. The company I work for currently dropped off the 2013 American Girl Holiday Catalog and told me to write a blog post about it. It was fun looking at how much has changed within the company since I left so long ago. I am still in contact with many of the other “American Girls” and I know they’d think it was quite serindipidous to be given this assignment 🙂


So take a read, and check out the rest of Brad’s Black Friday to find ways to stretch your dollar this holiday season.

American Girl Merry and Bright 


Stay Gold,



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