Late Night Craft Scavenging

Endless Crafting Opportunities

Endless Crafting Opportunities

As it is my last night home, and having had far too much coffee today, I decided to go on a search for crafting materials to bring back to Forest Park for this Moleskine project I’m working on. It took some digging, but man, did I find some good stuff.

So much awesome paper

So much awesome paper

I’ve found a bunch of awesome old cards, great paper, vintage patches, photographs, old ticket stubs/mementos and drawings. Not to mention all the great beads and charms I found! I couldn’t help but make a couple bracelets before I forgot about the beads once again.

Cool Beads for October.

Cool Beads for October.

I also found this Grace ring which I totally forgot I had. Then I found these great turquoise beads I’d gotten for my birthday (my family knows me so well) which I used as a closure for the black skull bracelet.

Cross Closure

Cross Closure

So I’m all packed and ready to head back home after a decompressing few days at my parents’ house. I found the perfect use for this awesome Tiffany’s box; it is the new home for my craft supplies and my beautiful new camera 🙂


With all the trying situations I’ve been faced with this past week it feels so good to create and organize. I feel like taking some time for yourself to create something beautiful is sometimes just what you need to get your mind off hard times, but it has certainly helped me. I only hope this creativity keeps coming!

By the way, I set up a Graceisgold Facebook page for my blog so feel free to “like” and check out more updates!

Alright. Time to try and sleep.

Stay Gold,



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