10 Absolutely Terrifying Obscure Horror Movies

Looking for something to watch tonight? It’s raining in Chicago so I’m planning on getting cozy and putting on one of these flicks. It’s rare when I see a list of horror films where I haven’t seen most of them!

Thought Catalog

As the air has taken on that autumn bite, pumpkins speckle the roadsides, and the window for finding the perfect Halloween costume is almost closed, the time is nigh for a Halloween horror movie list. In an effort to come up with favorites a little less obvious than the usual Michael Myers gang, I polled my scare-addicted relatives to craft a collection of relatively obscure essentials.

Raised by a modern Addams Family bored by cheap thrills, I was taught to appreciate horror films with story, mood, a rhythm of lull and fright, music and eerie beauty. My childhood initiation included “The Exorcist” in the third grade screened by my very own parents, “The Woman in Black” at 7am on my first day of fourth grade (I sat glued to my chair while my mom braided my hair), and a marathon of all three “Poltergeist” films at my sixth-grade birthday sleepover…

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