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I love being able to hold a tangible photograph in my hands. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and Facebook to share and browse photos, but there’s something comforting about having the real deal. So imagine my excitement when I found Social Print Studio, a company produces high quality matte prints of your photos from Instagram or Facebook!

Free express shipping from China? Yes please.

Free express shipping from China? Yes please.

I have ordered from them before, as you may remember, but they’ve grown and made some awesome changes. You can now order your prints in four different sizes: Squares (traditional 4×4 Instagram style), Mini Prints (2×3), Mighty Prints (4×6), and Mini Squares; adorable little 2×2 prints, which I decided to go with this time. At $15 for 48 prints AND FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING (I know. What a deal.) I couldn’t resist. Plus their App, Print Studio, free in the App Store, makes it super easy to order. The App enters your photos on your device, and you select the photos you want printed!

How adorable is this packaging?

How adorable is this packaging?

Don’t you just love getting packages in the mail? I was greeted this morning with my prints on my desk at the office. Having only ordered them Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had already arrived! So of course I had to make a mess and spread them out to see what I picked (of course I’d already forgotten.)

Tiny Prints Everywhere!

Tiny Prints Everywhere!

Your photos are printed on high quality card stock and have a matte finish. My mind is full of ideas of how to use these little guys. Here are a few of my favorites. Some with the best friend, then some with the boyfriend 🙂

The bestie, L.

The bestie, L.

The boyfriend, also L

The boyfriend, also L

I couldn’t possibly wait until I got home to put a couple of these adorable photos to use, so I decided to personalize my computer monitor…

Yeah, it,s pretty colorful over here...

Yeah, it’s pretty colorful over here…


I’m all about this App. The photos are of great quality and perfect to use for crafts, gifts, or simply tiling your walls. You can also order framed prints and greeting cards from the same site. Check them out and get some tiny prints of your own 🙂

Stay Gold (and take lots of Instagram photos. Selfies, in my case.)

Friday outfit :)

Friday outfit 🙂




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