A New Year’s Reflection: Part 1

So, since the New Year (my first as a college graduate), I’ve been thinking about how much crazy stuff has happened between the end of high school and the end of college. It’s that crazy feeling that time is passing by so fast, but so slow at the same time. Jumping from freshman dorms and new freedom, to choosing HMO plan options and scheduling paid time off days…you start thinking about how you spent all that time in between.

You can blame this post on my misty-eyed adoration for nostalgia (no matter how weird/lame the memory) or the fact that I just finished fixing my external hard drive and spent the last couple hours digging through 8 years of photos…but this post is happening.

Whether you want it or not, this is a brief timeline of your narrator’s life; from high school graduation, until now.

Pre-College: I spent a lot of time dreaming about leaving the suburb I was raised in. I never felt quite right there, but I don’t think anyone did. We made our own fun after graduating from high school in 2008 , thinking only of summer and parties and trouble until everyone packed up for school, or the army, or the circus and fled the hometown.


Lurking outside the Wheaton Grand


Underage hotel “parties”


Creative takeover when parents would leave town.

College: Season 1

My best friends from the dorms at my Urban Liberal Arts College always call our first semester of Freshman year, “Season 1”. Such a solid cast of weirdos who hit it off so well in a strange city at a new phase in life. Sure, a lot of people puked on the subway or ended up on the South Side with no wallet or phone, but you could always guarantee a solid story out of the whole ordeal while playing beer pong or sneaking smokes through bathroom vents with your best friends with weird names on the third floor.



Oh, and some of us (ahem, me) do that thing where they try and change completely. Yeah, I was one of those.


My First Blog Banner…



Yeah…Times have changed. After freshman year, a lot of my best friends had migrated elsewhere in the country. It was hard to imagine school as the same place without the dorms and the friends…so I left too. I retreated back to the suburbs to hang with my twin brother for the summer and fell into the most dangerous safe-haven known as: Section 8 Housing.



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