Birthday Week Shopping Spree

So I’ve always been a sucker for birthdays, especially when the birthday is my own! So, as my birthday is on Friday, I hit the shops to find an outfit to wear to the lovely dinner I’m being treated to 🙂

Of course, knowing me, I bought just about everything BUT a party dress. First stop: Topshop. 


You all know how I feel about gold…and a necklace with a G on it seemed fitting enough 🙂 Today I am wearing it as a bracelet, which I couldn’t be more pleased with. 


And my favorite purchase of the day, this blush colored leather backpack. In the summer I’m all about backpacks as I’m usually on my bike and need my hands free. 



Find this awesome backpack in blush or white HERE

My shopping big had yet to be cured, so I walked across the street to Water Tower Place to take on the shops. I made out with a pretty solid birthday haul…but no party dress. Here is what I did manage to snatch up!


Adorable mint flats, perfect for spring.



Adorable Fossil wristlet, perfect forever!

Get your own Sydney Zip Clutch in Mint HERE


Well I may not have found my party dress, but hey, there’s always tomorrow 🙂


Stay Gold



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