Week 20: IT’S A GIRL!!!

Ahhhh!!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear those three words from the ultrasound tech. We saw her perfect little hands and feet and the doctor said she looked perfectly healthy. Needless to say, the little dresses and outfits are already taking up a decent amount of closet space, and we can’t wait to meet this little girlfriend.


A little summer outfit, as baby girl is due in August.

IMG_5656 IMG_5657 IMG_5658

They look like doll clothes. I can’t handle how cute they are! Look at that little dress!!!


This one made me tear up a little 😉 Who doesn’t love Babar?! Also I’m pretty sure I didn’t go 30 minutes without dropping a few happy tears all day yesterday.

I also did a little work on my registry…Why is everything so much cuter when it’s miniature?!

Oh my goshhhhh

Oh my goshhhhh

So excited to start getting everything ready for baby girl’s arrival. We can’t wait to meet her! Officially halfway there 🙂

Stay Gold,



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