Week 25: 25 Weird Things About Pregnancy

Everyone always talks about the miracle of creating life; how beautiful it is to feel this tiny person growing inside you. And while it is absolutely nothing short of amazing, pregnancy can also be pretty weird and sometimes (a lot of the times) pretty gross.

In honor of 25 weeks, here’s my list of 25 weird things I’ve learned about pregnancy that no one warned me about. 

  1. You will accidentally pee if you cough, laugh, or even breathe too hard. Your boyfriend will laugh at you every time this happens.
  2. Sometimes morning sickness can last all day, and way after the first trimester (I’m at week 25 and it’s only now starting to subside…knock on wood)
  3. You will experience nearly every emotion within minutes of each other on any given day.
  4. You will be able to smell everyone you come into contact with (especially bad on public transportation.)
  5. You will become extremely aggressive and protective when people accidentally bump into you on the street or don’t give up their seat for you on the train.
  6. Stairs are scary.
  7. Cars are scary.
  8. Pretty much everything is scary and sometimes it’ll be hard to leave the house…
  9. …until you take a shower. Which can also be very scary.
  10. If it’s delicious, chances are you probably can’t eat it.
  11. You will start talking and singing to yourself (and baby) without noticing you’re doing it.
  12. Stupid commercials and TV shows will make you cry…actually pretty much anything can make you cry.
  13. You will stare at random children you encounter, and most likely smile like a creep as their parents hurry them away from you.
  14. You treat your OB like a therapist (you usually cry when you see her too.)
  15. You read the labels on absolutely EVERYTHING before purchasing.
  16. You always have to pee. Even if you JUST did.
  17. People will look down at your belly before making eye contact with you. (They don’t realize they’re doing it.)
  18. You will Google every weird pain, twitch, or headache you get to make sure it’s not “something serious.”
  19. People will tell you not to read the pregnancy horror stories on the Internet, but will most likely follow that by telling you a pregnancy horror story.
  20. People will tell you, “you look especially pregnant today.” Or “You don’t look very pregnant today,” depending on how tight your shirt is/how much you’ve had to eat.
  21. You will have terrifying outbursts of rage if you let yourself get too hungry. These will scare everyone around you, including yourself.
  22. Sometimes you’ll throw up while brushing your teeth.
  23. Pregnancy “glow” is really just a thin layer of sweat from being hot ALL THE TIME.
  24. You will freak out when you feel a big kick for the first time, then you will freak out if you don’t feel a kick for any length of time. These kicks will start looking like an alien is trying to burst through your stomach.
  25. It is the happiest, scariest, strangest, most intense thing that you will have ever experienced up to this point, and it will fly by.

Hope you enjoyed that burst of TMI. I’m off to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the rest of my pregnancy, and with luck, I won’t throw up in the car today ❤

Stay Gold,




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