Halloween in the Office!

The company I work for, Brad’s Deals, is having their annual Halloween party today and I am fully prepared. Not that it’s much of a stretch, but I am dressed as a Pin Up Doll 🙂



It’s all about the glasses.

My partner in crime dressed up as Salad Fingers; one of the creepiest web-based characters of all time and I’m so impressed. He wins the costume contest in my book.


Hope you’re enjoying Halloweek 🙂


Family Tattoo

As many of you may know by now, I am fairly covered in tattoos. Love em. What I love even more than getting tattoos, is encouraging others to get some art of their own. One of my roommates, J, had asked me to draw her up a rose that she wanted to get on her wrist. This is what I came up with.

Pretty Rose

Pretty Rose

(Forgive my sloppy shading, I only had sharpies to work with!)

J really liked the design and was ready to head to the shop. So yesterday, after texting my artist, we took a day trip to my favorite shop in the city, Family Tattoo, and to my artist, the great Gilly Smash.


Family Tattoo is an awesome shop that puts out amazing traditional work by even more amazing artists. I’ve been getting my work done there for the past three years and I have never been disappointed. The shop is clean, the artists are super talented and friendly, the atmosphere is professional, and there’s always metal playing…which is awesome.

Front of Shop

Front of Shop


After deciding my drawing was up to his standards, Gilly went to work on drawing up a stencil and setting up his station. J was hardly nervous, more just excited to get started.

Gilly doin work.

Gilly doin work.

So after J was situated and comfortable, Gilly applied the stencil and got to work.

"Tickles, right?"

“Tickles, right?”

Jen was a champ. She never once complained from the pain (the top of the wrist is not the easiest spot to have tattooed!) and when Gilly was done working his magic, Jen was ecstatic.

Final Product

If you’re looking for an awesome tattooing experience, head to Family Tattoo. They are open 7 days a week from 2-10 pm and are located at 2125 Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618.
Call (773) 281-6392 to set up a meeting time with Gilly or another one of Family’s awesome artists.

Walk-ins are also welcome!

Hope you all had a great weekend,

Stay Gold