Spring Is Coming: Songs To Get You There

Long time no blog, I know I know. I’m currently working on a new blog (stay tuned) and have not had enough hours in the day! Please accept this post as an apology 🙂

So, the general consensus in Chicago is that this has been the COLDEST winter of all time. Take a minute to thaw out with some of these fun and hopeful spring tunes! No descriptions needed, just open the windows, turn up the volume, and give spring the welcome it deserves. 


1. Fleet Foxes: Ragged Wood 

2. Bruno Mars: Young Girls 

3. Lupe Fiasco: Kick, Push

4. The Shins: Australia 

5. Lorde: White Teeth Teens

6. Childish Gambino: 3005

7. Frank Sinatra: You Make Me Feel So Young

8. Pharrell Williams: It Girl

9. The Zombies: Time of the Season

10. Atmosphere: Sunshine

Enjoy, all. What are some of your favorite songs that get you pumped for sun and warm weather? Feel free to share! I know I’ll be needing some new feel-good tunes while out on the bike 🙂

Stay Gold,